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Kitchen Remodel Olathe

We believe that the kitchen is where special moments occur, including family meals, quality time, and leisure time. One of the most favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen. Give your kitchen a makeover from Kitchen Remodel Olathe so you can spend more time with family and friends in a pleasant-looking and liveable area.

We strive to render your kitchen redesign as attractive and functional as possible. We'll take the fading wallpaper and unsightly linoleum and transform it into a beautiful and practical room that you'll love.

We'll assist you in getting rid of those outdated cabinets, old equipment, and inefficient style. Kitchen remodeling contractors will update the kitchen with the most recent innovations, such as wine coolers, charging stations, and more.

These appliances and gadgets make your life simpler and your home more functional. Your kitchen redesign would be the ideal combination of form and purpose.

We assist you in transforming your house into the dream home you've always desired. With long-lasting craftsmanship, favorable prices, and installation times as short as two weeks. We are your one-stop shop for countertop, fridge, and sink remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling Services Olathe

Bathroom Remodel

Since the bathroom is among the most utilized rooms in your home, why not make it a lovely, cozy, and relaxing space? The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, both by your family and by visitors. It should be as lovely, cozy, and soothing as the rest of your house. Allow the professionals of bathroom remodel to provide you with a bathroom redesign that you would be proud to show off.
Our award-winning models can entice you to invest more time in the shower. We will turn your room into anything you want it to be using plans designed specifically for you. The possibilities for making your bathroom oasis are endless, ranging from whimsical themes to a more classic feel and all in between! Our professional designers pay close attention to the specifics because we know how essential they are. They can build custom tile, choose the ideal light fixtures, and ensure that every detail is in sync so that your bathroom is just what you want. Before beginning some custom bathroom projects, check at Bathroom Remodel Olathe's past bathroom designs for inspiration and ideas.
Before beginning some custom bathroom projects, check at our past bathroom designs for inspiration and ideas. We also completed over 1,000 design bathroom remodels over the years. And what some of our clients had to suggest regarding their interactions with us. Our bathroom contractors make the whole process of designing a custom bathroom straightforward. We will complete the remodeling on schedule and on budget every time! Find us by searching for a bathroom remodel near me and give us a call right away if you want to have a stunning new bathroom from Bathroom Remodel Olathe!

Home Remodel

Remodeling is a dynamic architectural method that is commonly employed in commercial projects. We took the simplicity and feasibility concept and changed the remodeling industry by launching our “design remodel” method. This procedure has become the industry norm for experienced remodeling firms all over the country.
We carry the same exacting method to any project, no matter how large or tiny, to ensure that your dream kitchen or even your small bathroom remodel completes precisely as promised every time.
Olathe Home Remodel is a trustworthy remodeling professional in Kansas City who is ready to make your ideal home a reality, whether you are investing in basic home renovations or a full home remodel. Since then, Kansas City has switched to us, and we are happy to continue providing high-quality remodeling services.
We may install luxurious seating areas, as well as stunning baths and full kitchen remodels. Have you ever considered turning an old room into a more functional media room? Our experienced home remodeling squad will be delighted to assist you.
Best Home Remodeling Services Olathe
High Quality Home Remodeling Services Olathe

Home Addition

Do you enjoy your new home but feel like it's outdated? Home additions are common with homeowners who want more room without the hassle of packing and moving. A home addition is a clever way to create additional space to your home by attaching a new room to an existing wall, whether it's a living room, kitchen, studio, dining room, den, or something else.
Home Addition Olathe has years of expertise in home remodeling. When it comes to home additions, our team of expert designers and craftsmen will be there with you every step of the way. From the original concept and material collection to the fabrication and finishing touches, we can ensure that your new space seamlessly integrates into your existing house.
Olathe Home Addition knows that a home addition project can be daunting, but our professional consultants can help reduce tension and challenges along the way by clear coordination and a team that can construct each component of the process. We will begin work as quickly as possible in order to finish the project within the agreed-upon deadline and to guarantee that you get the best out of your budget. Trust Olathe Home Remodel with your home additions; we will turn your home into your dream room. To get started, reach out to us today to talk about your projects and ideas with our experts.

Consider A Remodel Or Move to A New Home?

When you add up the closing and relocation expenses, selling a house will cost thousands and thousands more if you have to furnish the next residence with new appliances. Remodeling, on the other side, incurs its own costs but, in the end, will turn your home into a place you enjoy.

If you don't have to sell right away, consider your options carefully, particularly if the market is sluggish and there's a good risk you won't get the best deal for your house. What is the right option for you? Find out after weighing the pros and cons mentioned below.

Pros of Home Remodeling

  • You may create more living space, open up empty bedrooms, and age in your existing space as your family expands or your lifestyle shifts.
  • You will customize your home to fit your current lifestyle.
  • Working with a competent design team and remodeler allows you to make your house just exactly as you like it. You may add a living room, change the theme, build gathering areas, and replace worn-out fixtures and features.
  • When you factor in the expenses of relocation and borrowing, you can also do a fairly substantial makeover of your existing home (especially if you don't expect structural changes) for considerably less than the actual expense of moving to a new home.
  • You have the ability to obtain precisely what you want.
  • It is frequently less costly than purchasing a new house.
  • You are free to remain in your house and community.

Cons of Home Remodeling

  • Getting a new home loan is very easy. If you have decent credit and can afford the selling amount, you should be able to locate a mortgage that meets your requirements. Though remodeling loans are widely accessible, you can need equity in your existing home as well as a lender that recognizes construction loans that turn to mortgages.
  • Property taxes can rise as the value of a home rises.
  • A remodel loan can be more difficult to obtain than a new home loan.
  • You'll have to put up with a construction site.
  • Anyone who has remodeled previously understands that a house renovation project can disrupt schedules, cooking areas, chaos, litter, and dust over a period of time. You must be willing to accept this in order to effectively remodel your house.
  • Few people think that adding to or remodeling their home may increase its total value, which may lead to an increase in property taxes.

Pros of Moving

  • When you have to live in a construction area, it is a messy operation. You may escape the temporary inconvenience of remodeling by relocating and buying a house that suits your needs.
  • You will move into a house that has already been restored.
  • If you are not the sort to remodel, you can move into a remodeled home and profit from someone else's hard work. However, you can plan to pay more for this path.
  • You need not be subjected to a construction mess.
  • Maybe you don't like your community or even your new neighbors. Moving allows you to alter your surroundings and maybe move to a different school system or section of town.
  • If you like, you may relocate to a new community or area.

Cons of Moving

  • When you purchase a home based on what's available on the market, you will not be able to get just what you want in terms of size, style, and functionality.
  • In your new house, you may have to make certain sacrifices in terms of accessibility.
  • Moving, real estate and finance fees will easily add up, making the decision to relocate much more costly. Add to that the stress that traveling sometimes entails, and it may become a less appealing choice.
  • The expenses of selling and purchasing a new house are high, as is the burden of moving.
  • You will discover that in order to increase the saleability of your house, you may need to finish several of the remodeling projects you are contemplating.
  • You can need to make any repairs in order to sell.

Home Remodeling FAQs

It is our priority at Home Remodel Olathe to provide our clients with the greatest treatment they have ever got! Providing effective solutions at any point of the remodeling project is an essential aspect of providing excellent customer support. The below are some of the most commonly requested questions from our clients. If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please contact us, and we'll be glad to help!


What’s Your Process?

Any kitchen and bath remodeling project begins with an in-depth meeting to learn more about the vision and basic requirements. We will then schedule a visit to your property to gather additional project details, address your queries, and include a precise estimate.

Following that, you'll consult with our planner, who will be able to lead you through material and hardware selections as well as produce a complete visualization of your room utilizing the most up-to-date modeling tools.

If the concept is finalized, we'll set up a time for one of our highly qualified craftsmen to start working on your project. We'll arrange a final walk-through until the project is finished to guarantee your full satisfaction!

Do You Have Permits?

Kitchen Remodel Olathe is certified in compliance with the rules of the Contractors State Licensing Board, and we hold active business licenses in the cities we serve. We are covered, and upon request, we will supply evidence of coverage.

Do You Have A Showroom?

Yes, our showroom is available to the public during normal business hours at our main office in Olathe, Kansas. We welcome our clients to come to our showroom to get inspiration for their upcoming kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Please call us for hours or to make an appointment.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

We offer consultations to collect as many details as possible before making an on-site tour where we can include a more accurate assessment since each project is special and the kitchen remodel cost of different materials can differ.

How Long Will The Process Take?

The length of the project can differ based on the materials used, the type of construction, and the layout of the kitchen or bathroom.

When the fresh cabinets land at our factory, we will normally full kitchens in 3-4 weeks and bathrooms in 2-3 weeks.


Are you ready to begin your home renovations? Our staff can visit your home and get to know you and how you like your space to be remodeled. There are no risks or liabilities associated with this appraisal.

Call Kitchen Remodel Olathe today to learn more about our kitchen remodeling services and to schedule a free in-home consultation!

We'd love to hear from you! Your input assists us in ensuring that we manage to offer a distinctive and sophisticated appearance to your remodeling designs. Please contact us for more inquiries.

We will collaborate with you to accomplish your objectives, no matter how large or small the project, and we will make the process fun by acting as your one-stop shop for all of your kitchen remodeling, home expansion, and bathroom remodeling needs in Kansas.

Kitchen Remodel

Before you come to us, you could have no idea what you look like, a few suggestions, or even the whole room mapped out. Regardless, this kitchen redesign will be tailored to you and your family's needs by our remodeling contractors.

Maybe your family of children needs a lot of room for food storage and homework. You might want to install a walk-in pantry to organize all of your cereals and snack snacks, as well as a counter bar with plenty of workspaces.
Perhaps you are empty nesters who have won the right to splurge on a gourmet kitchen with a second sink dedicated to peeling vegetables. To complement the functionality you already have in mind, consider incorporating accessible storage for your stylish serving ware and glasses.
Transform your kitchen into a visually enticing space where you can spend valuable mealtimes with your mates. Take a peek at our showroom and see some of our past kitchen projects. You'll never look at your kitchen the same way again until hiring Olathe kitchen to remodel! We'll do our part to make your kitchen fantasies a reality.
Our kitchen contractors near me take the stress out of kitchen remodeling. We take the time to consider your requirements before getting to work on designing the kitchen of your dreams.
We've thrilled many homeowners with our outstanding custom kitchen projects, and we're excited to do the same for you! Give us a call if you're involved in a stunning new kitchen from Kitchen Remodel Olathe! We'd be delighted to assist you in getting underway by finding us in the kitchen renovation near me.

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Our Services

Our strategic expertise in kitchen and bath remodeling, home renovation, and home expansion has strengthened vital networks, helping us to cooperate with building administration and obtain permits more effectively, allowing us to meet clients' deadlines while maintaining good quality materials and activity.

Our remodeling experts have ample experience and are well-trained. They will review the kitchen and provide you with an accurate estimate for kitchen remodeling contractors.

Our unwavering dedication to quality is what sets us apart, and it is because of this that you can expect us to give you a precise, to-the-point estimate that helps you to decide what to keep and what to change for your kitchen renovation.

If you're tired of your dull indoor space, we'd be delighted to be a part of your remodeling plans. Kitchen Remodel Olathe is a well-rated kitchen remodel near me in Kansas that will help you with the majority of your remodeling needs. 

Our renovation contractor can do anything from a minor project to major home repairs and improvements. We provide a low-cost, dependable operation. Give our team a call right now if you'd like to learn more about our programs.

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About Us

Remodeling Services Olathe has been servicing homeowners for a long time and is an outstanding choice for new project growth. We have full-service, and you’ll find us by searching for home remodeling near me. Based on our several years of remodeling expertise, we take pleasure in supplying our clients with the finest possible customer support.

As kitchen remodeling experts, we employ a highly adaptable methodology to ensure that each of our clients receives a remodel that precisely suits their vision for their residences. You can visit our showroom to meet our employees and see samples of our bathroom renovations.

We provide our clients with everything from kitchen and bathroom remodels to home additions and repairs. With a showroom full of design choices, we make it simple to find the right fit for your kitchen design project.

We put together high-quality jobs, decades of business expertise, and industry experts. We bring years of work experience to any project. Our showroom was designed such that our clients could physically see and experience the services we provide. We employ our own artists to make your idea a reality.

We've spent years perfecting our architectural and remodeling skills. No other kitchen remodeling companies can contend with our knowledge, services, quality, and problem-solving abilities.

Our services provide layout, scheduling, and design processes, county, and local licenses, looking for raw materials in showrooms, and project preparation from beginning to end.

Contact us to learn why Kansas people deem us to be the best remodeling company in the state. Olathe remodeling is a joy to deal with when it comes to house redesign, and kitchen and bath near me.

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