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For a complete bathroom remodel, you can hire us for high-quality remodeling services. We provide both design and renovation services to ensure that your bathroom is both efficient and gorgeous. Our professional contractors and craftsmen at Bathroom Remodel Olathe add emphasis, expertise, and a sense of pride to every project.

You can trust that the service would be of the highest standard, finished on schedule, and within budget because we are licensed Kansas contractors. Classic concrete backsplash, which is both stunning and practical, is among our specialties. To make your bathroom stand beautiful, we have a huge variety of remodeling and renovation options. We begin by responding to your desires and needs and then plan the renovations plan around it.

If it's keeping to a schedule, finishing on target for a special occasion, or providing high-quality design, our mission is to surpass your standards. If it's a minor project or a total bathroom remodel, you can be confident that you'll get a finished product that will improve the look and value of the property.

Bathroom Remodeling – Elegant and Functional

With so many factors to consider, remodeling a bathroom can be a challenging task. With open communication and a step-by-step method, Bathroom Remodel Olathe takes the pressure out of this operation. Your bathroom remodel will be done in a reasonable and orderly manner because we manage the work. Olathe is the ideal option for renovating a bathroom because of its extensive remodeling experience and high-end cabinetry. Our craftspeople pay close attention to the smallest details, treating your home life with consideration and reverence.

We can handle work as basic as building a new sink and vanity as complicated as remodeling the entire bathroom for a bathroom that embodies elegance and sophistication. We like to bring bathrooms a style and make them special and gorgeous when we remodel them. Bathroom remodeling Olathe may be undertaken for practical reasons or to make the bathroom feel more like a spa. Cabinet and feature replacements will bring a bathroom a new or upgraded appearance while still increasing the resale value.

We will offer the best at a reasonable price if you really need new plumbing, floors, tubs, or faucets. Our designed concrete backsplash will serve as the centerpiece of a bathroom renovation. We also provide design services, which are essential to ensure that almost all of the features you need are attractive and practical.

Our Olathe Professionals Will Create A Remodeled Bathroom That Will Take Your Breath Away

A bathroom that is modern style was not something you have to do for several moments a day. It's more than just a pit stop for a short shower. The bathroom has evolved into something more than that in recent years. It's a spot in which you can unwind after such a long week at work.  Our bathroom contractors and designers can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary where you can enjoy a spa-like atmosphere with all of the facilities you desire.

We Provide Design Tips for Better Small Bathrooms Remodel

Professional remodeling contractors will suggest ideas for your small bathroom remodel, such as: Increase the height of the counter just above the toilet. When the vanity counter stretches over the corresponding toilet, the extra counter space could be surprisingly useful. Large-scale patterns should be used. Broad squares, narrow stripes, and other wide patterns can confuse the eyes and give the impression of more space.

The towel bar should be installed at the entrance. Adding a towel rail on the shower door or the backing of the entrance door holds towels within arm's access if space is small. Opt for a trough sink. The low profile of a trough sink when placed on a wall opens up floor storage space. Make use of a vanity that has accessible shelves. Open shelves provide space without revolving doors, which can be inconvenient in a small bathroom.

Use a water tap that is fixed on the wall. In a small bathroom, installing a faucet mostly on the wall enables a bigger vanity, allowing free up space. Make use of a corner drain. A sink designed to suit in a corner could be a perfect space-saving choice is quite small bathrooms. In very small bathrooms, even pedestal sinks can be hard to accommodate.

Use a flexible shower door or a shower cover. Small bathrooms could not be able to accommodate shower doors that rotate on swings. Instead, use a track-mounted shower curtain or seamless glass door.A vanity with rounded corners is a good choice. Vanity mirrors with sharp corners can indeed be dangerous in small spaces. Hip bruises can be avoided by using a vanity with rounded corners.

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